Hicks staying at Scott County

When Billy Hicks visited Knott County Central on Tuesday, rumors started swirling that Scott County's two-time state championship coach might be heading back to the mountains to take over the Patriots' program.

The story took on a life of its own thanks to TV reports and Internet speculation.

But Hicks said Wednesday it was much ado about nothing.

"I'm sure I've got some detractors out there that had the champagne out, so I hate to spoil their party," Hicks said. "I have no plans to leave Scott County.

"I guess swine flu got to be old news and they needed another story. I went to (Knott County Central), looked around, rode back home and that was it."

Hicks, who is from Harlan and began his coaching career in the mountains, said he would like to return to that area someday.

"I'm a mountain guy, I love mountain people, and I'd love to end my coaching career there, but that's not right now," he said. "I hope to coach at least another 10 years, so maybe it'll happen down the road."

Scott County was No. 1 in the state much of last season but lost in the 11th Region finals after senior star Richie Phares suffered a knee injury in the semifinals.

The Cardinals should be a state power again next season with returning stars Ge-Lawn Guyn, Chad Jackson and Dakotah Euton.