UK athletics approves $72M budget

The University of Kentucky Athletic Association's board on Monday approved a $72.65 million budget for the year beginning July 1.

The budget includes $1.7 million for campus scholarship programs. That is $500,000 more than the association gave for scholarship programs last fiscal year.

"We want to continue to be good partners to the University," UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart said. "There's a need on our campus."

The budget also contains $1.3 million to adjust for the salaries of new men's basketball coach John Calipari and his assistants.

Calipari will make $3.7 million in his first year.

Also in the 2010 budget is $100,000 for legal fees for the attorneys trying to work out a settlement with former basketball coach Billy Gillispie.

There is a $250,000 expenditure for recruiting travel and team travel for the men's basketball program.

The 2009 budget was $67.035 million.

It included a $200,000 payout to the University of Memphis when Calipari was hired.

The athletic association benefited in 2009 from a new television agreement with the Southeastern Conference, including a one-time payment of $750,000 allocated to football, UK deputy athletics director Rob Mullens told the board yesterday.

Despite its good fortune, Barnhart said the athletic association is watching expenses and asking questions about team travel such as "is it better to charter a bus than it is to fly?"