Knights brighten holidays

After a long week of basketball at Lexington Catholic, the Knights didn't hunker down for a long winter's nap. Instead, they helped a needy family in Lexington.

Through the Catholic Family Sponsorship Program, the Knights adopted a single mother and her three children, who are 3, 4 and 5 years old, said Lisa Gadberry, an assistant coach for the girls' team at Catholic.

"They have really gotten into it," Knights Coach Tony Talbott said. "I never thought they'd get into it like this."

They went out and purchased gifts as a team, then came back and wrapped the presents before one of their many games at the Republic Bank Holiday Classic.

The players delivered the gifts on Wednesday and even gave the mother a few gifts to set aside as surprises for Christmas morning.

Once the Knights' parents caught wind of what their daughters were doing, they got in on the act, as well.

"One parent put in some money to buy all three of the children bicycles," Talbott said.

The parents also noticed that the mother had been specific about what her children needed and wanted for Christmas, but that she had asked for nothing for herself.

" 'What can we get you?' we asked, and she said, 'I just want my kids to have a nice Christmas,' " Gadberry recalled.

The parents approached the mother for ideas of what she wanted. She told them that some cleaning supplies would be helpful, and they came through.

But that hardly seemed like a nice Christmas gift so they pressed further and found out she liked baking with her children.

A special baking gift basket also was put together for the mom.

"The parents wanted the money the girls had collected to go totally toward the kids' Christmases, and then the parents started collecting for the mother and put together a baking gift basket," Gadberry said.

They got a few personal items for the mother, too.

It made an already exciting week for the team even more exciting, Talbott said.

"We just hope these little kids will have a great Christmas," Talbott said.