Talbott steps down as LexCath girls' coach

Coach Tony Talbott has been on the Lexington Catholic bench through four Sweet Sixteen championships, and he'd like to continue to be there for a few more, but not as the head coach.

Talbott, a longtime assistant with the Lady Knights program who turned head coach two years ago, confirmed Tuesday that he has stepped down.

Catholic is expected to name its new head coach later this week, but Talbott said he was a big fan of the soon-to-be-named coach and is expected to stay on as an assistant.

Talbott said it was a mutual decision between him and the Lexington Catholic administration that he step aside and that it had nothing to do with his 29-27 record over the past two seasons or the Knights' absence this year from region tournament for the first time since 1994.

"I never wanted to be a head coach, but I took the job for the kids' sake, and I gave it a try," he said.

Without naming names, he said the new coach had a lot of energy and would bring a level of excitement.

"When they told me who was going to get the job, I was glad about that," he said. "I'd like to see how the younger kids progress for the next few years. ... I'd still be interested to see how they do, and I'd like to be a little part of it."

Talbott said he prefers being an assistant coach, something he's done under three head coaches — Bob Tripure, Greg Todd and Jeff Hans — at Catholic.

He said he'd like to spend more time watching his own children play sports, too.

"More or less, it kind of wore on me as far as being in charge," he said. "I didn't realize how much you have to do. ... After a while, it kind of gets to you."