Mark Story: Fast-break points, post-Derby

Fast-break points from the Derby mud:

21. Terrence Jones: As an adult, I've agonized over career decisions in my own life. So I won't be joining those pillorying the teenage power forward over his recruiting indecision.

20. The recruiting process: Given how gifted as salesmen big-time college coaches are, it's stunning there aren't more scenes like the one of Jones, seemingly all but paralyzed by indecision while trying to pick a college hat at his "signing" announcement last Friday.

19. Perry Stevenson: If Jones or some other power forward who decides late doesn't pick Kentucky, you wonder if UK will wish it had asked Stevenson, a former starter who averaged a puny 7.6 minutes a game in 2009-10, to redshirt last year so his final year of eligibility could have been next season.

18. UK men's basketball's (low) GPA: My colleague Jerry Tipton reported Sunday that the Kentucky men's basketball squad had the lowest cumulative GPA (2.025) of any UK varsity sports team during this school year's first semester.

17. A GPA over/under: What percent of the people would you guess who read that article were more upset by UK's inability to successfully attack West Virginia's 1-3-1 zone in the NCAA tournament than by the team's poor academic showing?

I'd put the over/under on that at 98.2 percent.

16. John Wall's academics: Given how poorly many of his teammates apparently were doing in the classroom in the first semester, the fact that Wall is said to have made good grades is even more impressive. It's not like he was in an environment where there was peer pressure to do well in school.

15. John Wall's agent: If, as was being widely "reported" in the blogosphere Monday, John Wall has chosen agent Dan Fegan (and not Leon Rose, who is both LeBron James' agent and Worldwide Wes' buddy) it will come as a huge surprise to many, myself included, who thought the fix was in on that one.

14. John Wall vs. Rajon Rondo: I'd pay money to see the track meet that should be the first NBA meeting between the electric former Kentucky point guards.

13. Who is quicker, Rondo or Wall? "I guess we'll have to wait and see," Wall said with a huge smile when asked.

12. Dwane Casey: Now a Dallas Mavericks aide, the former Kentucky player and assistant coach is a smoking hot name on the NBA head coaching rumor mill. Casey is being mentioned for openings with the Hornets, 76ers and Clippers and with the expected opening with the Bulls.

11. Joker Phillips: In a classy move, the new Kentucky football coach was on hand in Louisville last week to see ex-Wildcats linebacker Wilbur Hackett, the first black player to be a regular starter for UK in a major sport, inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame.

10. Trevard Lindley: His should be the name every Kentucky fan thinks of when they are tempted to criticize a college athlete for leaving school for the pros too soon. How much money did Lindley cost himself by not turning pro when he was projected to go no worse than the second round after his junior year?

9. No 'secession' for Kentucky fans: The unscientific online poll that went with my Sunday column that explored whether UK should consider leaving the SEC for the Big Ten primarily for the sake of its football program brought a heavy response, almost 3,600 votes by 6 p.m. Monday.

The results were 28 percent favoring a move to the the Big Ten, but 72 percent preferring to stay in the SEC.

8. NASCAR back in Kentucky: Our state's next major sporting event will be June 12, when the Nationwide Series returns to Sparta.

7. Jeff Gordon: When you think back on the late 1990s, when it seemed like Wonder Boy won every other week, it's stunning to watch Gordon lose so often this year when he seemingly has victory in hand.

6. Todd Pletcher: Isn't it amazing how much better 1-for-28 is than 0-for-24?

5. Astounding Calvin Borel facts: Let's try to pick the most noteworthy achievement for the ebullient, 43-year-old jockey.

4. Three out of four: At an age when a jockey's career is supposed to start winding down, Borel has now been the winning jockey in three of the past four Triple Crown races.

3. Seven out of 10: Horses ridden by Borel have now finished in the top three in seven of the past 10 Triple Crown races (four wins; a second; two thirds).

2. Moral from Borel: One's 40s can be fabulous.

1. Kentucky Derby fame: In the year when Diane Lane was at Churchill Downs, would you believe the only "celebrity" I saw at the Kentucky Derby was Bob Guiney.

Yes, I feel cheated.