John Clay: Can Randall Cobb do even more?

John Clay
John Clay

Random notes:

Randall Cobb reportedly asked UK football coach Joker Phillips if he could play on the defensive side of the ball, as well. Now if I could just get him to handle the in-game live blog.

Does Kentucky being picked to finish ahead of Tennessee by the SEC media mean the losing streak to the Vols is finally over? Didn't think so.

Upon hearing that news, Tennessee fans haven't been so outraged since they saw Bruce Pearl shirtless.

Only complaint about the Bengals reportedly inking Terrell Owens is that T.O. is P.H.P. — as in past his prime. Way past his prime. The man is 36 years old.

That said, the idea that the New York Jets also inquired about the unsigned Owens, on the eve of the Bengals' training camp opening, sounds like something leaked by the T.O. camp.

For all the resounding cheers when Michael Gilchrist and Marquis Teague both committed to UK in the spring, Chicago's Anthony Davis may be Class of 2011's top player. Of course, Kentucky is on Davis' short list.

Forget the idea that the loss to West Virginia and subsequent departure of four freshmen may cause John Calipari to be more cautious about one-and-done prospects in the future.

Cal told Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis: "If you recruit guys who you know are going to be there for four years, you'll probably be in the NIT, and that's not a good thing at Kentucky."

Billy Gillispie would concur.

Speaking of Billy G., maybe one day WikiLeaks will tell us exactly what did happen in the Kentucky Gillispie Error.

Brandon Phillips has to relocate his stroke for the Reds. The All-Star second baseman was 3-for-33 in his last eight games heading into Tuesday night's game at Milwaukee.

Ex-Morehead State star pitcher Jon Rauch, the current closer for the Minnesota Twins, has the date of his wedding tattooed on his back. And most people just tie a string around their finger.

College football will no longer allow any printing of messages to appear on eyeblack worn by a player. Not even "I hate Lane Kiffin."

Headline: Pac-10 trying to broaden appeal with new marketing strategy. On advice of Colin Cowherd all league games will be played in New York. (Kidding. I think.)

Did you see where a fight over a seat caused a stabbing at Comic Con? And 19 people were killed at German music festival called "Loveparade." And you want to criticize soccer fans for being violent?

No NFL safety was scarier than Jack Tatum, who died Tuesday at 61.

n BP's severance package for outgoing CEO Tony Hayward resembles those of many a leaky college athletics department. But which is more oily?

At least, when the local college fires the coach with years left on his contract, the price doesn't go up at the pump.

Great point from the Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Daugherty on Chad Ochocinco: "Props to him for making himself more than a football player. But now it's time to play football."

You know there have been a lot of no-hitters this season when news report can say, "Tampa Bay's Matt Garza throws baseball's first no-hitter in a month."

Both Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel and Paul Finebaum of the Mobile Press-Register have written this week that Vanderbilt should be booted from the SEC. Preposterous. League football teams would have to search elsewhere for a guaranteed win.

All that cymbal-crashing last week and it turns out that as far as Georgia is concerned, the NCAA only wants to talk to one Bulldog. Thankfully, it's not the new Uga.

Lance Armstrong did not exactly pedal off in a blaze of glory, answering media inquiries about a U.S. steroids investigation by saying, "I've done too many good things for too many people."

I'm not too old to remember when Tiger Woods won majors.