Cards' announcement tweets Cats to punch

Random notes:

■ Louisville Coach Charlie Strong sent out the news of his quarterback choice (senior Adam Froman) via Twitter on Monday afternoon before Joker Phillips named Mike Hartline his starting quarterback late Monday afternoon.

Should have known a Cardinal would tweet the news.

■ In two starts against Louisville, Hartline has completed 36 of 58 passes (62.1 percent) for 325 yards and one touchdown, with one interception. That figures to a pass efficiency rating of 111.4.

That might be part of the reason he'll be starting Sept. 4.

■ Quarterbacks coach Randy Sanders on redshirt freshman Ryan Mossakowski: "He really got in the mix. Where I guess in some ways I thought he was probably the third guy coming in, there were times during fall camp where I wasn't sure he wasn't the guy."

■ Stat to remember from last year: Louisville outgained Kentucky 378-346, even though the Cats beat the Cards 31-27.

■ The idea of an 18-game NFL season will prove that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

■ Is the 18-game season a real goal, or just a negotiating tool to get the NFL players to back down off contract demands?

■ To mark his retirement, my favorite personal Lou Piniella story:

After the Reds had lost by a monstrous margin, Sweet Lou blasted his pitching staff to the media huddled around his desk. The rant over, the Reds' manager continued out into the hallway, where he encountered pitching coach Stan Williams.

"I just ripped the ---- out of your pitchers," Piniella told Williams. "What do you think about that?"

You had to love Lou.

■ I can see why Brigham Young is thinking about becoming a football independent. It's worked so well for Notre Dame of late. Ask Charlie Weis. And Ty Willingham. And Bob Davie.

■ Did you see where the NCAA is investigating the circumstances behind several South Carolina football players living in a hotel off campus. Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel wrote that it had to be the Motel 6 (Wins).

■ With Terrell Owens as Batman and Chad Ochocinco as Robin, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer says the two have now taken to calling him Alfred.

■ Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says he hates the Jets. Of course, he does. The Jets ratted out the Patriots for illegal spying, remember?

■ Not sure I can tell you how much I admire Joey Votto's approach to the game.

■ Fun fact: Only 10 of the previous 60 AP pre-season No. 1s in college football have gone on to win the national championship. In other words, you were right. We in the media have no idea what we're talking about.

■ Speaking of the media, we've already detected a difference between Rich Brooks and Joker Phillips. Brooks began every news conference, or post-practice session, with an injury report. If you want injury info from Phillips, you'd better ask.

■ Phillips can't stop saying enough good things about safety and juco transfer Mychal Bailey.

■ Considering that football news overshadows most everything coming out of Sweet Home Alabama, you might have missed that Auburn's best basketball recruit, Luke Cothron, was ruled academically ineligible by the NCAA. Tough blow for first-year coach Tony Barbee.

■ Did you see where the FBI was supposedly keeping tabs on Alabama football coach Bear Bryant? It wondered what was really underneath that Houndstooth hat.

■ No way the Big Ten could put Michigan and Ohio State in different divisions, and toy with their football rivalry? Could it?

And no way Nebraska would leave the Big 12 for the Big Ten.