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Michigan player face-plants in one of the worst slides ever at College World Series

The good news: Michigan outfielder Jordan Nwogu was safe at third.

The bad news:Nwogu’s slide during Monday’s game against Florida State at the College World Series might be the worst in baseball history.

“My hands kinda got stuck, and I ended up face planting in the ground,” Nwogu explained to the Detroit Free Press.

It appeared that Nwogu’s “oven mitt” got caught in the dirt as he was preparing to slide. That stopped his momentum and his face ended up smashing into the ground. There are no records for the worst slides at the College World Series, but this undoubtedly would be near the top if such a list existed.

The slide is funnier in slow motion as you can see in this video from Twitter user Collin Wilson:

The umpires even discussed the slide:

Nwogu had the last laugh as he later scored a run and Michigan beat Florida State 2-0.

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