Three games to watch

Alabama at Arkansas

12:30 p.m. (CBS-27)

Rankings, records: No. 9 Alabama 3-0; Arkansas 2-0

What to watch: Coach Bobby Petrino bolted from the NFL during his rookie year. Nick Saban stuck around a little longer but headed to Alabama after saying he wouldn't. Now, the two coaches are back where they want to be — in college football. The pair are known for their bristly personalities and their matchup will surely overshadow that of their SEC West teams.

Florida at Tennessee

3:30 p.m. (CBS-27)

Rankings, records: No. 4 Florida 2-0; Tennessee 1-1

What to watch: The winner of this game is almost always the team that runs the ball better and for the past three years that has been Florida. The Gators have outrushed Tennessee 444-92 and outscored them 96-47 in the three games since Urban Meyer became the Gators' coach. But Florida is still looking for a feature running back to take the pressure off quarterback Tim Tebow, who leads the team in rushing with 92 yards in three games. Arian Foster leads the Vols with 196 yards in two games.

Georgia at Arizona State

8 p.m. (ABC-36)

Rankings, records: No. 3 Georgia 3-0; Arizona State 2-1

What to watch: From the moment Arizona State's 2008 schedule was released, the Georgia game loomed as a springboard into the national spotlight for the Sun Devils. An unthinkable loss to UNLV pulled the plug on the spotlight, and it has given the Bulldogs' visit an entirely different meaning after opening the season at No. 15. For Georgia, the rare ramble into the desert represents a potential trap. The Bulldogs rarely venture out of their familiar humid corner of the country. This is Georgia's longest regular-season road trip since 1960.