Former KSU football player acquitted of murder charge in Fayette County trial

Dynell A. Stewart
Dynell A. Stewart

A Fayette County jury acquitted a Frankfort man Monday of charges of murder, assault and wanton endangerment.

Dynell A. Stewart II, 23, was found not guilty after a trial that began May 11 before Fayette Circuit Judge James Ishmael Jr.

Stewart "was more thankful than anything" about the acquittal, said public advocate Brad Clark, who represented Stewart along with Kim Green.

Stewart was charged in the January 2013 shooting death of Allen M. Smith, 23, of Lexington. Another man, Jordan Orgeman, also was shot but survived.

The two men were shot while riding in a vehicle on Bolivar Avenue near Tolly-Ho restaurant on South Broadway. The shots were fired from a vehicle that had pulled alongside the vehicle Smith, Orgeman and a third man, Anthony T. Garrett, were in.

Clark said DNA evidence did not show conclusively that Stewart pulled the trigger.

Stewart is a former member of the Kentucky State University football team. Clark said Stewart plans to go back to school, but not to KSU.