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A man tried to call Mars three days after UK’s last game against Northwestern

The date: October 21, 1928.

The headline: “What’s the odds? Telepathist will try to communicate with Mars”

An Associated Press wire story from The Daily Mail in London, England, was among the Lexington Herald’s front page stories on October 21, 1928 — the edition printed the day after the only previous football meeting between the University of Kentucky and Northwestern University, a 7-0 loss for UK. They’ll play one another in the Music City Bowl on Friday, Dec. 29.

The Daily Mail reported that Dr. Mansfield Robinson, a telepathist who claimed to be an interplanetary psychic, planned to make his second communication attempt with Mars through a British radio service on Wednesday, Oct. 24 of that year. Following his first radio message two years prior, Robinson claimed that he had received a reply from a Martian woman named Oomaruru.

The front page of the newspaper featuring the Lexington Herald’s UK-Northwestern game coverage also has a story about a Democratic party rally in support of then-presidential candidate Alfred E. Smith in Fayette County. Alice Lloyd, a prohibitionist after whom Alice Lloyd College is named, “arose from a seat in the third row of the audience to interrupt ... on five different occassions,” wrote Ollie James.

There’s also a brief front-page story about three women who escaped the Kentucky House of Reform via a freight train traveling to Georgetown. The Lexington institution for juvenile delinquents closed in 1972.

The UK-Northwestern game story, written by Frank K. Hoover, features a lengthy account of the game and ends with two detailed paragraphs recounting the bands’ halftime performance.

“Between the halves of the game, Frank L. McVey, president of the University of Kentucky met Northwestern University officals in mid-field to exchange greetings,” wrote Hoover. The Kentucky band, resplendent in its blue and white, and the Northwestern band, with its purple and white, paraded onto the field and stood at attention during the exchange of greetings.

“Northwestern’s band then marched off the field and went through various stunts, chief of which were to form the monogram NU and later the monogram UK. The organization received a loud ovation from the Northwestern side. The Kentucky band played the Northwestern battle song and then ‘On, On, U of K,’ accompanied by wild applause from the Kentucky delegation. The Northwestern drum master, as well as members of the band, stood at attention while the Kentuckians played their battle song.”

You can see the full front page and the jump to the complete UK-Northwestern game story below.

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