‘This guy is the rudest, crudest.’ Kings announcer rips ex-Cat Cousins for criticizing fans.

Golden State’s DeMarcus Cousins criticized fans in Toronto who cheered when teammate Kevin Durant was injured Monday night.
Golden State’s DeMarcus Cousins criticized fans in Toronto who cheered when teammate Kevin Durant was injured Monday night. AP

Sacramento Kings play-by-play announcer and KHTK radio host Grant Napear responded angrily Tuesday after DeMarcus Cousins criticized fans who cheered Golden State Warriors’ star Kevin Durant’s injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday night in Toronto.

Napear, 59, has long been a vocal critic of Cousins, who spent six-plus seasons with the Kings. Cousins, a former University of Kentucky standout, became an All-Star in Sacramento and was known for his charitable work in the community, but his brooding demeanor and constant clashes with fans, officials and reporters were regular storylines.

”If there is any player in the NBA that should not be talking about fan behavior and about how they treat athletes as opposed to people, it’s DeMarcus Cousins,” Napear said on his radio show. “This guy is the rudest, crudest, most vile player that I’ve ever been around in my 31 years of covering the NBA. He should not be speaking on this in any way, shape or form.”

The Kings traded Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans in 2017. He reached the postseason for the first time in his career with the Warriors this season.

Cousins and many others were upset after Toronto Raptors fans cheered when Durant went down early in the second quarter of Game 5 after missing the previous 14 games with a calf injury. According to multiple reports, the Warriors believe Durant suffered a torn Achilles, the same injury that kept Cousins sidelined for a year.

Napear said Toronto fans were being “attacked unfairly” for their reaction. Cousins said their response was “trash.”

Napear found that objectionable.

”He doesn’t have the forum , shouldn’t have the forum and is the worst possible person to ask a question about the fans,” Napear said. “I have witnessed not once, not twice, not 10 times, not 20 times, not 30 times, not 40 times – I have witnessed over and over and over and over and over again, DeMarcus Cousins cursing at fans for no reason at all. I’ve seen him curse at women. I’ve seen him curse out people at the airports. I’ve seen him curse in front of ladies that have nothing to do with the sport that he’s playing.

“For him to be talking about the fans, shame on him. Shut the hell up and, for once, act like a freaking professional. You got run out of Sacramento, you got run out of New Orleans and I’m telling you right now you’re getting run out of Golden State because they’re tired of your act. ... What a disgrace this guy is.”

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