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UK cheerleaders happy to bring their 19th national title home

UK's cheerleaders won their 19th national title on Sunday.
UK's cheerleaders won their 19th national title on Sunday.

The University of Kentucky cheerleaders, who won a national title for a record 19th time this weekend In Orlando, Fla., celebrated Monday by visiting the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot theme parks at Walt Disney World.

Head Coach Jomo Thompson said winning the title was particularly sweet this year because the team took second place by a slim margin in the Universal Cheerleaders Association Division 1A competition in 2011.

"We're just happy to have it back in the Bluegrass State," he said of the title.

Now, he said, the team will come home to yell for the UK men's and women's basketball teams and "hopefully cheer them on to a national title as well."

Thompson said the 16 competitors will return to Lexington on Tuesday, and the team probably will play a competition video and have its trophy presented before the men's basketball game Saturday against Alabama.

The Western Kentucky University cheerleaders took 14th in the Division 1A competition, and Morehead State University finished first in Division 1.