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Kentucky's Macumber roars to record in 3,000

Better late than never was the catchphrase of the day for the University of Kentucky track and field team Saturday.

With just four events remaining in the two-day Rod McCravy Memorial indoor meet in Nutter Field House, the Wildcats found themselves with not one individual or relay victory.

Cally Macumber changed all that with a record-setting performance in the 3,000 meters.

Matt Hillenbrand followed up Macumber's victory by winning his first collegiate race in the men's 3,000 meters.

Kentucky's 4-by-400 relay team of Angelica Whaley, Shiara Robinson, Devinn Cartwright and Morganne Phillips made it three wins in a row for the Wildcats.

"We are still yet a work in progress," first-year Kentucky coach Edrick Floreal said. "There are a few people who are really moving forward. The people who have already made up their mind to be great continue to be great, but we need some more.

"We still have more people with a lot of potential that just need to make up their mind. Decide to dare to be great. Dare to take that leap of faith to see what they're made of, but I remain resilient. We are going to find a way to do this."

Macumber's time of 9 minutes, 10.34 seconds in the 3,000 was the best in the nation this season as of Saturday evening, setting a personal best and breaking the Nutter Field House record.

Fellow cross country All-American Chelsea Oswald was right behind, also breaking the McCravy meet record with a second-place time of 9:19.01.

The excitement of the women's race seemed to inspire Hillenbrand, who won the men's 3,000 in 8:10.04, the ninth-fastest time in the nation this season.

The women's 4-by-400 relay team won their heat comfortably in 3:43.81, and the time held up through four more flights.

Western Kentucky's men captured three events Saturday, with Elvyonn Bailey taking the 400 meters (47.25 seconds), David Mokone winning the 800 (1:48.65) and Cyrus Johnson finishing first in the high jump (6-91/2).

Louisville picked up a pair of victories. Margret Harris won the 60 meters (:7.41), and Amashi-Ali Kendall took the weight throw (64-111/2).

Eastern Kentucky got a victory from Jeppe Harboe in the 5,000 meters (14:34.38).


60 meters—Marqesh Woodson (Missouri) :6.69; Kadeem Kushimo (Kentucky) :6.75; Broderick Snoddy (Georgia Tech) :6.75.

60 hurdles—Demoye Bogle (Ohio State) :7.83; Milan Ristic (UNC-Asheville) :7.91; Terrence Somerville (Unattached) :7.91.

200—Broderick Snoddy (Georgia Tech) :21.33; Timothy Faust (Ohio State) :21.34; Nick Batcha (Ohio State) :21.63.

400—Elvyonn Bailey (Western Kentucky) :47.25; Noah Akwu (Middle Tennessee State) :47.50; Troy Pollard (Florida A&M) :47.73.

800—David Mokone (Western Kentucky) 1:48.65; Shawn Roberts (Georgia Tech) 1:49.10; Andrew Dawson (Unattached) 1:49.90.

1 mile—Zach Dahleen (Southern Illinois) 4:04.23; Mads Taersboel (Eastern Kentucky) 4:05.31; Soufiane Bouchikhi (Eastern Kentucky) 4:06.66.

3,000—Matt Hillenbrand (Kentucky) 8:10.04; Wade Meddles (Eastern Kentucky) 8:10.85; Ole Hesselbjerg (Eastern Kentucky) 8:17.79.

5,000—Jeppe Harboe (Eastern Kentucky) 14:34.38; Hayden Legg (Missouri) 14:42.50; Yosi Goasdoue (Eastern Kentucky) 14:45.81.

4-by-400—Ohio State A (Champ Page, Korbin Smith, Marvel Brooks, Antonio Blanks) 3:11.08; Middle Tennessee State A, 3:11.61; Ohio State B, 3:14.62.

Distance medley—Ohio State A (Christopher Fallon, Korbin Smith, Curt Grove, Jackson Neff) 10:01.66; Appalachian State A, 10:07.44; Florida A&M A, 10:14.01.

High jump—Cyrus Johnson (Western Kentucky) 6-9.50; Darius Lynwood (Memphis) 6-9.50; Mykhail Chambers (Georgia Tech) 6-9.50.

Pole vault—Chip Heuser (Unattached) 17-0.75; Michael Seaman (Tim Mack PV) 17-0.75; Robert Rasnick (Burn Vault Club) 17-0.75.

Long jump—Malcom Pennix (Missouri) 24-7; Desmond Brown (Unattached) 24-6.25; Myles McDavid (Georgia Tech) 23-11.5.

Triple jump—Alphonso Jordan (Unattached) 52-4.75; Manuel Ziegler (Memphis) 51-7.75; Jonathan Gardner (Georgia Tech) 50-4.50.

Weight throw—Bradley Sauer (Southern Illinois) 66-9.25; Jacob Bullinger (Missouri) 64-5; Sam Bombaugh (Louisville) 62-9.25.

Shot put—Josh Freeman (Southern Illinois) 60-1.25; Brad Szypka (Kentucky) 59-5.50; Isiah Kent (Kentucky) 57-8.50.

Heptathlon—Luis Hanssler (Memphis) 5,291; Marc Klaschka (Memphis) 5,204; Tuure Hollo (Memphis) 5,079.


60 meters—Margret Harris (Louisville) :7.41; Madison McNary (Unattached) :7.46; Ashlee Abraham (Ohio State) :7.47.

60 hurdles—Christina Manning (Adidas) :8.27; Rosina Amenebede (Middle Tennessee State) :8.37; Kayla Parker (Kentucky) :8.48.

200—Aisha Cavin (Ohio State) :23.76; Madison McNary (Unattached) :23.88; Morganne Phillips (Kentucky) :24.23.

400—Althia Maxmilien (Missouri State) :54.35; Amaka O. Richardson (Next Great Sport) :54.70; Aisha Cavin (Ohio State) :55.01.

800—Katie Borchers (Ohio State) 2:10.78; Allison Peare (Kentucky) 2:11.57; Sarah Gentry (UNC-Asheville) 2:12.00.

1 mile—Laura Roxberg (Missouri) 4:42.88; Ann Eason (Eastern Kentucky) 4:53.69; Laura Bess (Miami of Ohio) 4:57.71.

3,000—Cally Macumber (Kentucky) 9:10.34; Chelsea Oswald (Kentucky) 9:19.01; Bailey Belvis (Missouri) 9:41.33.

5,000—Meredith Wagner (Ohio State) 16:46.87; Mia Elbon (Unattached) 17:11.60; Nicole Hilton (Ohio State) 17:41.06.

4-by-400—Kentucky A (Angelica Whaley, Shiara Robinson, Devinn Cartwright, Morganne Phillips) 3:43.81; Missouri State A, 3:45.25; Ohio State A, 3:46.96.

Distance medley—Ohio State A (Katie Borchers, Sonikqua Walker, Janel Olberding, Tori Brink) 11:43.88; Ohio State B, 12:00.26; Bellarmine A, 12:13.32.

High jump—Kenya Culmer (Southern Illinois) 5-10.75; Ann Dudley (Middle Tennessee State) 5-10.75; Rachel Gehret (Unattached) 5-8.75.

Pole vault—Angela Rummans (Unattached) 14-1.25; MacKenzie Fields (Cincinnati) 13-9.25; Clara Amat-Fernandez (Memphis) 12-9.50.

Long jump—Kimsue Grant (Missouri State) 20-4.5; Keilah Tyson (Kentucky) 20-1.75; Julienne McKee (Georgia Tech) 19-8.75.

Triple jump—Jasia Richardson (Marshall) 42-4.75; Jhanelle McLeod (Unattached) 41-10.5; France Makabu (Middle Tennessee State) 41-6.0.

Weight throw—Amashi-Ali Kendall (Louisville) 64-11.5; Kim Fortney (Southern Illinois) 64-10; DeAnna Price (Southern Illinois) 63-9.75.

Shot put—Ashley Muffet Duncan (Unattached) 53-3.75; Kim Fortney (Southern Illinois) 53-1.50; Khadija Abdullah (Louisvillle) 53-0.75.

Pentathlon—Xenia Rahn (Memphis) 4,191; Whitney Fountain (Clemson) 3,942; Kaitlyn Good (Cincinnati) 3,729.