UK Baseball

UK loses bid to get baseball player's lawsuit dismissed

A Fayette Circuit judge denied a motion Friday to dismiss a lawsuit that a University of Kentucky baseball player filed against the school.

Pitcher James A. Paxton sued UK in December. He alleged that officials tried to force him to submit to NCAA questioning or face expulsion from the team, which UK denies. Paxton's attorneys say UK officials have infringed on Paxton's rights under UK's student code of conduct.

In a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, attorneys for UK argued that the student code of conduct is not relevant to Paxton's case because it concerns NCAA eligibility, not university proceedings.

Stephen L. Barker, an attorney representing UK, also argued in court Friday that Paxton was aware of why the NCAA wanted to question him. Paxton's attorneys have argued that no one told the baseball player why he was needed for an NCAA interview.

"Everybody knows why the NCAA is knocking on the door," Barker said to Fayette Circuit Judge James Ishmael.