UK Men's Basketball

A winning nickname? You decide

In a Dec. 23 column, I asked Kentucky fans to try to come up with a nickname for the high-scoring duo of Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson.

Boy, have UK fans tried.

I have sifted through scores of suggestions.

Some — Meeks & Potatoes; Moose and Squirrel — made me laugh.

Some — PMS (for Patterson and Meeks Show) — made me cringe.

A few — Hop and Scotch; Death and Taxes — made me wonder.

The most often-suggested pair of nicknames were Fire and Ice and Thunder and Lightning. In my view, however, both of those are played.

So here are the Final Four I've chosen from suggested Patterson/Meeks nicknames.

You can go to or to vote for your favorite. Then we'll see if the winning nickname gains popular traction.

A.) Rhythm and Bruise

B.) Slam and Swish

C.) Bread and Butter

D.) Looong and Strooong