UK Men's Basketball

Calipari already booked to speak to Rotary Club

Among the missteps made by former Kentucky Coach Billy Gillispie was his snub of the Lexington Rotary Club. UK coaches had been giving the club an annual preview of the upcoming season since the 1950s (and perhaps the 1930s, no one knows for sure).

Enter Kentucky's new coach, John Calipari. He's already agreed to Oct. 15 as a date to speak to the Lexington Rotary Club.

When asked about the process in arranging Calipari's appearance, Executive Director Nell Main said, "Actually, it wasn't difficult at all."

Martha Riddell, the club's president-elect and it's program chairperson, had no problems. "She made a couple calls, maybe just one," Main said. "She gave them a couple dates. He picked Oct. 15."