UK Men's Basketball

UK's Cousins says he's a bad boy in a good way

In an interview with Jason King of Yahoo! Sports, new Kentucky Wildcats big man DeMarcus Cousins makes no apologies for the temper or physical style of play he displayed in high school.

King's article detailed a couple of controversial incidents involving Cousins and his spirited temperament. But the 6-foot-11 freshman from Mobile, Ala., said he is not planning to change the way he plays.

"On the court," Cousins told Yahoo! Sports, "I'm a badass. I'm mean. I'm there to cut your throat. I'm not there to be nice. Off the court, I'm cool. I'm chill. I play around with you. I'm nothing like people say I am. Anyone that's taken the time to get to know me will tell you that."

"But on the court ... like I said, I'm there to cut your throat."

Cousins is expected to join junior Patrick Patterson in UK's starting frontcourt this season.

Patterson told Yahoo! Sports he's been impressed with Cousins so far.

"He's got such good footwork for a freshman," Patterson said. "And he's not afraid to dribble the ball. He'll grab it off the rim and take off down the court without hesitation. He's just so naturally strong. Even when he was young and skinny, I bet he was strong."

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