UK Men's Basketball

1,999 down, 1 to go

One of the definitions of tradition is "a long-established custom or practice that has the effect of an unwritten law."

Tradition at the University of Kentucky is winning basketball games.

In 106-plus seasons, Kentucky has finished with a losing record just 14 times — and only once since 1930.

Stop and think about that.

And understand that two teams are on the court every night, and both are trying as hard as they can to win the game.

Now consider that through all those years, Kentucky has won 1,999 games. It has lost 635.

That means the Wildcats have won more than three-fourths of all the games they've played since 1903.

If UK does as expected and defeats Drexel on Monday night in Rupp Arena, it all adds up to one impressive number.

2,000 wins.

No college basketball program has won more.

Because winning at Kentucky is not just expected.

It's the law.

Celebrate UK2K

If Kentucky beats Drexel on Monday night for victory No. 2,000, be sure to pick up Wednesday's Herald-Leader, which will include a 24-page, full-color special section commemorating the Wildcats' historic accomplishment.