UK Men's Basketball

Game has special meaning for Krebs

Kentucky's Senior Day ceremony may pack an even bigger emotional punch than usual. That's because Mark Krebs' mother will be there.

Terri Krebs has been battling breast cancer for almost nine years. Then last July, doctors told her the cancer had spread to her bones, lungs and liver. Her weakening condition led her to believe she would not be able to attend Senior Day, when UK fans bid farewell to departing players.

"Mark goes, what do you want for your birthday?" said Terri, who turns 49 on Tuesday. "I said, I want to be at Senior Day on Sunday. That's what I want for my birthday.

"And he said, 'You'll get it.' "

She now believes her son is right. She plans to be in Rupp Arena. "I'm even bringing a Kentucky blue wheelchair," she said on Friday.

Besides playing for UK and being a student, Krebs has been acting as a motivator for his mother.

"You can do it, Mom" she said he tells her. "Just think positive. Start eating good. Take your vitamins."

To which, Terri said, "I'm, like, 'I'm trying.' "

Terri has endured a series of surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. "I'm on the last medicine they have," she said.

Doctors plan to check its effectiveness in two weeks.

"If this one doesn't work, they told me to call hospice," she said.

Jerry Tipton