UK Men's Basketball

Contest says UK vs. Kansas in finals

America thinks Kansas will beat Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament championship game, according to selections entered in ESPN's Tournament Challenge bracket contest.

When entries closed Wednesday afternoon, Kansas was named the NCAA champion on 42.2 percent of all brackets submitted. Kentucky was next with 21.4 percent.

Joining Kansas and Kentucky in America's Final Four were Syracuse (10.3 percent) and Duke (6.4).

Filling out the Elite Eight were West Virginia (4.7 percent), Ohio State (3.9), Villanova (2.2) and Kansas State (1.7).

As for Kentucky, 99.5 percent of fans picked the Wildcats to win their first-round game, 92.8 percent to win their second-round game, 83.9 percent to advance to the Elite Eight, 60.3 to get to the Final Four and 46.5 to reach the NCAA finals.

Louisville was picked by 0.2 percent of fans to win the NCAA title.