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Ex-UK player Millar to undergo drug rehab

Former University of Kentucky basketball player Derrick Millar will spend six months, maybe less, in the Fayette County Detention Center, where he will participate in a drug rehabilitation program.

If he successfully completes the Hope Center drug rehabilitation program while incarcerated, he will then have to participate in drug court, which involves regular counseling, drug testing and court appearances, for up to 18 months.

Those were some of the probation terms spelled out Friday to Millar by Fayette Circuit Judge Kimberly Bunnell.

Millar, 42, who has faced theft-related charges in at least 11 Kentucky counties after he allegedly received money for UK basketball game tickets that he did not deliver, had accepted a plea deal with local prosecutors last month. In that deal, he agreed to plead guilty to one count of felony theft by deception and four misdemeanor counts. He initially had been charged with eight counts of felony theft by deception involving a total of about $13,500 in Lexington.

As part of the plea deal, local prosecutors had recommended that Millar serve three years in prison for the felony charge and 12 months each for the misdemeanors.

But on Friday, Bunnell imposed a five-year sentence on the felony and 12 months on each of the misdemeanors, then probated the sentences. Millar could have withdrawn his guilty plea because of Bunnell's higher sentence on the felony count. But he accepted Bunnell's offer. If Millar fails to meet the terms of his probation, which includes paying $13,500 in restitution and hundreds of hours of community service, in addition to the several months in jail and participation in drug programs, he could spend five years in prison on the Lexington charges.

Millar's troubles stem from substance abuse, said his attorney, Christopher Hunt.

"It's sad that you've allowed yourself to get addicted to drugs and alcohol," Bunnell told Millar. She said he not only had hurt the individuals from whom he took money, but that he had also disappointed UK and its basketball program.

Millar, who spelled his last name "Miller" when he played for UK, said he was sorry for what he had done.

From September until Friday, Millar had been incarcerated in the Clark County jail, where he was serving a 360-day sentence on misdemeanor charges. Hunt said that, as far as he knows, Millar is "done in Clark County" because he can spend any remaining time on the Clark County charges in the Fayette County jail.

Earlier this week, Millar received three-year sentences on two felony charges, to be served concurrently, in Fleming County. Fleming County Commonwealth's Attorney Kathryn Hendrickson said the time will be served concurrently with any other sentences Millar receives.

Millar has entered guilty pleas on various charges in most of the counties, according to Hunt. He estimated the total amount of money involved to be about $45,000.

The attorney said his client wants to get out of jail, get a job, pay restitution to those from whom he took money and get on with his life. Millar especially wants to see his young daughter, Hunt said.