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Former UK player Millar sentenced in Laurel County over ticket scam

Former University of Kentucky basketball standout Derrick Millar has been sentenced in Laurel County after pleading guilty to felony charges relating to a basketball ticket scam.

Millar was sentenced to two years in jail, with five years probated. He has already served about 150 days in jail, and he will not be required to serve further time under the sentence handed down Friday, said Laurel County Commonwealth's Attorney Jackie Steele.

Steele also said Millar's probation is contingent upon him paying around $4,000 in restitution to the two victims in the case.

Millar was charged in at least 11 counties for running a basketball ticket scam in which he took money from people in exchange for tickets to which he did not have access.

He has pleaded guilty in Fayette, Fleming, Clark and Harrison counties. The status of the cases in the other counties is unknown.

Millar has a drug problem that led to his legal troubles, his attorney, Christopher Hunt, has said.