UK Men's Basketball

LSU-UK game will be shown on CWKYT

Saturday's LSU-Kentucky men's basketball game will be televised by the SEC Network, but a scheduling quirk means it won't be available live to Dish Network subscribers in Central Kentucky.

The game would normally air on WKYT, but the station is contractually obligated to show the Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers NFL playoff game. So WKYT has moved the UK game to its CW feed, available on Channels 5 and 914 (high definition) on Insight cable, Channel 27.2 on a digital receiver and Channel 14 on DirecTV.

Dish Network picks up a CW channel from New York rather than the local CWKYT, and it has declined WKYT's offer to use the Lexington feed on Saturday, the station said.

In a statement, Dish Network officials said it will consider carrying CWKYT in the future, but it noted subscribers interested in watching the game can do so "with an off-air antenna."

WKYT will air a replay of the game at 11:35 p.m., so it will be available to all viewers at some point Saturday.

Those with cable TV outside Lexington should consult their listings for the correct channel.

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