UK Men's Basketball

ESPN rafters-cam panned on the Web

Television viewers of Tuesday's Mississippi State-Kentucky men's basketball game might have experienced some dizziness, and it wasn't from the pace of the game.

ESPN used a shot from an overhead camera, perched in the Rupp Arena rafters, as its main angle for much of the game.

"We were trying to show offensive and defensive sets from above," said J.D. Rutledge of ESPN. "It was something we wanted to take a look at."

Judging from reaction on the Web, the move was not received well.

"Some folks at home didn't like the angle as well," Rutledge said.

As one commenter on John Clay's live game blog put it, "John, can you tell ESPN the camera angle causes vertigo?"

Said another, who might have thought the camera was even higher than it appeared: "God please stop showing this view."

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