UK Men's Basketball

John Clay's notes: UK finds support for 500th victory argument

Random notes:

■ Did you see where PTI's Michael Wilbon said if he were UK he'd pick up the phone and tell the NCAA to "go to hell" over its objections to the school celebrating John Calipari's 500th victory?

Prediction: If he ever shows up at Rupp Arena, Wilbon will be hailed as a conquering hero and asked to do the Y.

■ News flash: In the time it took for the NCAA to scold UK about its Calipari celebration, five more college football players were trading bowl rings for tattoos.

■ News flash: NCAA President Mark Emmert has called a summit in August for 50 Division I school presidents, saying, "We are at a crossroads." Given their salaries, I'm guessing it will be at the crossroads of Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue.

■ John Calipari has done a tremendous job in his two years as Kentucky's basketball coach, no doubt, but seriously, what's the point of a contract extension for the highest-paid coach in college basketball when he still has six years left?

■ Division II national basketball champion Bellarmine will play exhibition games at Louisville, Duke and Xavier this coming season. Remember, the Knights beat Xavier in an exhibition game last year.

■ Someone forgot to tell DeShawn Stevenson the party is over.

■ We also believe that Stevenson is the first NBA champion to have an Abraham Lincoln tattoo on his neck. But we also believe that in the battle of Wednesday mug shots, John Edwards' mug shot was creepier.

■ Stephen Colbert on LeBron James' quote saying his critics would have to wake up the next day with their same lives and problems, "Like they say, it's not whether you win or lose, but how you disparage the pathetic lives of the little people who make it possible for you to have a career bouncing an inflatable ball."

■ Did you see where the ratings for Sunday night's Heat-Mavericks game were the best ever on ABC, and the best overall for the playoffs in 11 years? It's more fun hating people.

■ A youth baseball league asked Barry Bonds' former trainer to resign as coach. Parents grew upset over the high cost of fixing bashed car windshields as a result of the Little League team's prodigious home runs. (Just kidding.)

■ Why is it I think the Bengals can't wait to draft Terrelle Pryor?

■ Do high school baseball players really need courtesy runners?

■ On Aug. 21, 1966, the Beatles played Crosley Field. Now on Aug. 4, 2011, Paul McCartney is scheduled to play Great American Ball Park.

■ Too bad Shaquille O'Neal is in a little TMZ trouble right now. I thought he'd be the perfect replacement for Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock.

■ Could we really be close to eliminating the kickoff in college football? Rutgers' Greg Schiano and Georgia's Mark Richt are both for dropping it in terms of safety. Somewhere, Derek Abney is frowning.

■ Seems to me there is only one man who could get Ohio State out of its current mess and beat Michigan. His name is Jim Tressel.

■ The Miami Herald inadvertently ran an advertisement in Monday's editions congratulating the Miami Heat for winning the NBA championship. This is known as reporting both sides of the news.

■ Did you see ex-UK coach John Cohen dropping some not-so-nice bombs on Florida Coach Kevin O'Sullivan after Cohen's Mississippi State team lost to the Gators in the Gainesville Super Regional on Sunday?

Bet some former UK baseball players saw that video and said, "That's the coach I know."

■ Maybe at the next John Calipari news conference I'll tear a page from CNN's John King's book at this week's Republican Presidential Debate and ask, "Coke or Pepsi?"or "Leno or Conan?" or "Deep-dish or Thin-crust?"

On the last one, Cal would just answer, "Papa John's."