UK Men's Basketball

Being a Wildcat? priceless; pretending at 'Fantasy Experience'? $7,495

Kentucky Coach John Calipari is offering fans a chance to live the life of a Wildcat for a weekend later this year at a Basketball Fantasy Experience set for Sept. 13 to15.

The camp, which is open to people 35 and older, is $7,495. Proceeds will go to the Cal Foundation and could benefit charitable efforts that include Calipari's stated goal to improve financial literacy in Kentucky, help "boys without fathers" and aid Catholic schools, the UK coach said.

"It's not about religion," Calipari said of any proceeds going to Catholic schools. "It's about education."

Camp activities include playing games in Rupp Arena and a dinner in Calipari's home.

A company, Pro Camps Worldwide, has been running such camps since 1998. Other camps this year include ones with Kansas Coach Bill Self and Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade. Indiana Coach Tom Crean is scheduled to do a similar camp next year, Pro Camps spokesman Matt Chacksfield said.

Calipari noted how UK might center an alumni weekend around such camps in future years. Former UK players would be invited to participate in the weekend's activities. Current players might serve as managers or counselors, he said.

Calipari is casting a wide net. Promotional material distributed to the media noted that airports in Louisville and Cincinnati could serve travelers wishing to come to Lexington.

The UK camp will be limited to 80 participants. The Self camp drew 48, while 52 attended Wade's camp, Chacksfield said in an email message.

"I just want everybody to walk away saying, 'Only at Kentucky could somebody pull this off like this," the UK coach said. "Only at Kentucky could they do it to this level."