Jerry Tipton

Cal: Blue-White Game a needed dress rehearsal

With Kentucky's program built on a foundation of one-and-done freshmen, the Blue-White Game serves as a much-needed dress rehearsal, Coach John Calipari said Monday.

"I just want them to get out in front of people and see who plays well in front of people," he said of Tuesday night's Blue-White Game in Rupp Arena.

Calipari said he might experiment with different lineups and strategies in the annual scrimmage.

But the main idea will be to get the players from quasi-game experience.

Calipari said he had coached players in the past who looked good in practice, then did not play well in games. The reverse had also been true, he said.

After saying Kentucky was the most inexperienced team in the country, Calipari said, "We need to just a game in front of people. That's what we need."