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Q&ARandall Cobb is 'ready to play' wherever he ends up on the field

UK freshman Randall Cobb might be one of the most fascinating storylines of today's game. The Wildcats went into Tennessee's backyard to get Cobb, and the 5-foot-11, 185-pounder has been Kentucky's most impressive freshman in fall camp. Just how much we'll see of Cobb and at what positions are up in the air: He'll likely see time at receiver and as a punt returner, and he's also been taking reps at quarterback behind Mike Hartline.

Q: Do you dream or visualize about what you'll do in a game in the days leading up to it?

A: "I always wake up in the middle of the night thinking about making a big play, catching a big touchdown or making a big pass. I've had so many already. It's been wild. I've seen myself taking punts back, catching a deep ball. I'm just ready to play."

Q: All indications are that you'll be returning punts in the opener. How much experience do you have there?

A: "I did it my senior year in high school. I worked on it a lot this summer — had the punters come out and kick to me. It's just natural. You've just got to stay focused on the ball and watch it come to you. It's really more about blocking, though. You've got to have confidence that the guys are going to get it done up front and give you time to catch the ball and room to see things. If your blockers don't do that, you're going to be scared back there and it's going to make it hard for you."

Q: When people ask you what position you play, what do you say?

A: "I just tell them that I'm a football player. I don't have a position."

Q: Your teammates have raved about your arm strength and big-play ability from the quarterback position. Did you expect to catch on so quickly? Have you always wanted to be a quarterback?

A: "I'm really surprised that it turned out like it did, but everything happens for a reason, and I'm just glad to have the opportunity. I played running back in pee-wee ball, but I've always wanted to play quarterback ever since my uncle led my high school team to a state championship as a quarterback when I was little.

Chip Cosby