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Garry Williams can't wait to get back on field after injury

Kentucky offensive lineman Garry Williams had started 26 straight games at left tackle before a knee injury in the Louisville game sidelined him for the next two games.

Williams, who had arthroscopic surgery to remove torn cartilage in his meniscus, said he's back and ready to guide the offensive line against Western Kentucky on Saturday. Coach Rich Brooks said the Louisville native will start. Even though he was on the sideline, Williams said he never felt far from the action.

Question: Was it difficult to sit on the sideline the past couple of weeks?

Answer: Aw, yeah, yeah, yeah. I haven't done that in a long time. It was real difficult. Even though I wanted to play, coaches wouldn't let me. So I just had to sit there and help coach.

Q: What kind of coaching did you do out there? What did you see?

A: I was just trying to get them up when something went bad. I'd be like, "Look, the play's over. Just look at the next one." ... I was just telling them what to do, how to step, what fronts I'm seeing that they should block better.

Q: Do you expect the run blocking to be more effective with you back in there? Do you hope it is?

A: I hope it is. I hope it is. Communication was down the last couple of games. I think we've worked that out, gotten that better. That's what our main problem is.

Q: How has it gone for the offensive line in this two-week period? What have they learned?

A: There's a little bit more focus now. Coach has emphasized the running game and been focusing on that a lot, just focusing on trusting one another and getting together and getting this team where it needs to go.

Q: Is it a matter of chemistry or toughness or what?

A: I think it's chemistry. Some of us haven't played together. We're just getting a feel for one another and just building trust and knowing we've got each other's backs.

Jennifer Smith