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Q&ABrad Durham makes his debut as a starting tackle on Saturday

Rockcastle County native Brad Durham will make his first career start Saturday when Kentucky hosts South Carolina.

Durham was one of only six true freshman who saw game action in 2007. He played well in relief of redshirt freshman Billy Joe Murphy last week at Alabama, which earned him the start at right tackle.

Durham spoke this week about the opportunity to start:

Q: What was it like getting thrown into action at Alabama?

A: It was definitely a great atmosphere. We played hard. You just try to be prepared to come off the bench. Whether you're a No. 1 (on the depth chart) or a 2 or 3, you've got to prepare like a 1. I feel like I was prepared to play, and I played well.

Q: Does that give you confidence going into the South Carolina game?

A: When you play Alabama, that's as good as it gets. They're very strong and physical on the defensive line, and I did my part to hold them off. Every bit of that will prepare me this week against South Carolina.

Q: Will nerves be a factor?

A: They will be, but I've been out there plenty of times. After the first couple of plays, it will be like a regular game to me.

Q: You've played both right tackle and left tackle. What are the differences?

A: Assignment-wise it's the same, it's just everything is flipped. It's just opposite. Mentally, it's not that hard on you, because you know what to do. It's just the steps that you have to take. You get used to dropping back with your right foot, and then you have to drop back with your left. I'd say the steps are the hardest thing.

Q: You played as a true freshman last year but weren't in the starting lineup when the season began this year. Was that tough?

A: Patience is the key. You just have to wait your turn, and when the opportunity comes, take advantage of it. I feel like I've done that, so now we just have to see where it goes from here.

Chip Cosby