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UK Q&A: Ford keeps a positive attitude

It's been a tough year for DeMoreo Ford. He suffered a torn patella tendon in the spring that put him behind in fall camp. Then, a week before the Louisville game, his older brother, Kendall Thomas, passed away in Ford's hometown of LaGrange, Ga. Ford finally worked his way back into the wide receiver rotation against Alabama and scored a 48-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter. But Ford suffered a shoulder injury on the play and missed last week's South Carolina game. He's set to return Saturday against Arkansas.

Question: When you went down after scoring that touchdown against Alabama, how serious did you think the injury was?

Answer: I was worried. It didn't feel too good. My arm went numb. At the time you really think the worst. But as the day went on and we rode home, I started to get my positive attitude back, and I told myself I'd be all right.

Q: You've gone through a rough year, first with the injury and then with the loss of your brother. How have you managed to stay positive?

A: Having the people around me that I have has helped. And I've just tried to keep a positive attitude. That will take you a long way.

Q: You've never been considered a speed burner, but yet you manage to find a way to get open and make big plays. What gets you so wide open?

A: I guess I'm not as slow as you think (laughs). It's just handling your responsibilities and being crafty. Jerry Rice always said, "I'm not always that fast, I just have to use my mind."

Q: What can you bring to a receiving corps that has been struggling?

A: Experience, the ability to get open, and leadership.

Q: How do you feel physically?

A: I'm not close to 100 percent, but when I get out there it's always an adrenaline rush, and I don't feel any of it. I'll be fine.