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Randall Cobb by the numbers

$2.7 million

The worth, in dollars, of the contract signed by last year's first pick in the third round of the NFL Draft, which is the projected range for Cobb to be selected.


The number of all-purpose yards accumulated by Cobb this season, breaking the 3-year-old NCAA record held by Arkansas' Darren McFadden.


Career touchdowns scored by Cobb, breaking the 12-year-old UK record of 32 held by Craig Yeast.


The number of touchdowns Cobb would have needed to score next season to finish among the top five all time in the SEC. The record is 57 by Florida's Tim Tebow.


Kentucky's record during Cobb's three seasons with the Wildcats.


The number of UK football players to be named first-team All-Americans by The Associated Press, which Cobb achieved this season.

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