Jen Smith on UK Football

Q&A: Eliot on Kentucky’s improvement against dual threat quarterbacks


On how much he expects from Matt Elam, who has been injured: “I think we’ll get a lot out of him. He’s practicing. I think he’s had some good practices. I think he’ll be ready to go on Saturday.”

On anything extra done to prepare for Mississippi State’s tempo: “Well, fortunately we get to see that from our offense. They have good tempo. We have prepared for it, but we get to see it every day from our offense, too.”

On how Nick Fitzgerald is different from other dual threat quarterbacks UK has faced: “He’s so big. He’s hard to bring down on top of being a good runner and a good passer. One tackle doesn’t bring him down. He gets two or three more yards. He’s like a big running back, just tough to get on the ground.”

On better versus dual threat quarterbacks: “I think so. South Carolina had a dual-threat guy and we played that well. I think we’re just getting better overall on defense I think this year. We had a good two weeks of practice, had a lot of reps, were able to work on a lot of fundamentals. I think our players are getting better at everything overall.”