Jen Smith on UK Football

Q&A: House on defensive backs’ progress, linebackers maturing


On when he lost his voice: “I don’t know it’s been a reoccurring thing.”

On No. 1 thing he wants to see in upcoming scrimmages: “I want to see guys consistently strain. We want to stop the run, leverage the football and be better on third down, and take the football away.”

On Jordan Griffin progress: “He’s improved, but he’s got a long way to go, too. He’s improved, though. He’s getting more comfortable, but now he’s got to play the game a little bit more. It’s more than just assignment based stuff.”

On if defensive backs are more aggressive and if he’s seen that: “I think -- I don’t know if I have -- Coach Stoops is an aggressive guy. Coach Clink is an aggressive guy. At the end of the day, that’s the mentality you need to have to win in the SEC.”

On if secondary is under different microscope since almost entire defensive coaching staff has coached that spot: “That’s an interesting question, a good question, I don’t think so, because you know what, the position coach is the first voice. He gets it corrected pretty immediately. Then you’ve got a guy like Coach Stoops helping who’s also, sometimes you can overcorrect stuff and we try not to do that. We try not to have too many voices saying the same message.”

On Eli Brown and Kash Daniel adding depth at inside linebacker: “Well, I think first of all, it takes more than just your ones in this league. You're only good as the second team guys because they have to play in this league because of how physical it is. And on top of that, as I said before, competition brings the best out of all of us.”

On how Courtney Love has progressed: “Good, and he's got to keep coming. But he's doing some good things. He's playing a little more fluid, a little looser.”

On if Love gained confidence from last season: “Sure. I think absolutely. He started, what, 13 games last year. Before, it had been a while since he played, and I think that can't do anything but help you.”

On the challenges the offense is presenting the defense: “Shoot. I'm gonna tell you what, they do a great job. They're physical up front. I think John (Schlarman) does a great job with the offensive line and they got a great mentality. Coach Gran gives you a lot of different formations, a lot of different runs. It's fun to go against them every day because if you don't bring your best they're gonna kick your tail.”