Jen Smith on UK Football

Creative format, scoring will be in place for Kentucky’s spring game on Friday

Being short at a few positions, especially on offense, Kentucky’s coaches have had to get creative with the format of the Blue-White Spring Game on Friday night.

In a release, UK officials explained that it will be four 12-minute quarters of the offense (Blue Team) against the defense (White Team), essentially first teams against first teams with the reserves sprinkled in. But the scoring is where things get tricky.

For the offense, it’s fairly traditional with a touchdown (six points), field goal (three points) and extra points (one point). There are additional “bonus points” for the offense, including two points for consecutive first downs to start a drive and an additional point for each first down after that.

But if the offense finishes the drive with a touchdown or a made field goal those points override any points earned from first downs. For example, if the offense starts a drive with three straight first downs and then punts, it will be awarded three points. However, if that same drive ends with a touchdown instead of a punt, the offense will receive only the points earned from the touchdown/extra point.

The defense has more ways to score than with a fumble or interception returned for a touchdown on Friday. These are their additional scoring options: forced turnover (four points), fourth-down stop (two points), forcing a three-and-out (two points), sack (one point) and tackles for loss (one point).

There will be no kickoffs during Friday’s game. Punts will occur but will just be punter, snapper and returner with no return during live game action.