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‘I can’t thank them enough,’ Kash Daniel says of UK selling discounted tickets in his hometown

Kentucky is having a “Flash Sale” on tickets at a place that means everything to Kash Daniel on Thursday.

And the UK linebacker, a Paintsville native, was excited that people from his hometown will get an opportunity to come see him play on Saturday against No. 14 Mississippi State.

“It was good that the University of Kentucky was good enough to go back to my hometown and was able to do that for those people because I know a lot of people want to come watch us play — especially watch me play,” he said after practice on Thursday.

The sale, which will be at the Walmart lower parking lot at 470 North Mayo Trail, will be from 4-7 p.m. or until the tickets are gone.

The cash-only event (get it, Kash only?) lets people buy game tickets for $10 each with a limit of 20 per person.

“For them to reduce the price a pretty hefty amount for them is really awfully nice and I can’t thank them enough,” the junior said. “I really hope that a lot of people turn out to buy those tickets and come watch us play on Saturday.”