Jen Smith on UK Football

Stoops feels confident in 2016 commitments

Kentucky had a slew of de-commitments after losing six straight games last season. Does a similar five-game losing streak have Cats Coach Mark Stoops worrying about the UK class, rated No. 18 in the nation by

Stoops acknowledged that there’s always a concern about keeping classes intact and that “certainly when you lose some games it doesn't help you in that front.”

But the coach sounded confident that the 2016 group was in good shape.

“I feel very good about the nucleus of this group, very good,” Stoops said of the class, which includes a core of Kentucky-based stars including Drake Jackson (Woodford County), Landon Young (Lafayette), Davonte Robinson (Henry Clay) and Kash Daniel (Paintsville).

“If you look across college football, there's going to be some (de-commitments). And when some happens, let's not panic. We'll be OK. We are recruiting quite a few players right now. So I feel very good about the nucleus of what we have recruited.”