Jen Smith on UK Football

Barker moves ahead of Towles on UK depth chart

There weren’t a lot of major changes on the Kentucky depth chart but the one main change was a significant one with redshirt freshman Drew Barker moving ahead of Patrick Towles at the starting quarterback position against Charlotte.

Barker has played in three games this season, completing 13 of his 19 passes with one touchdown and two interceptions.

He led a scoring drive at Vanderbilt and then followed it up with pick six against the Commodores, who beat the Cats 21-17 on Saturday.The Cats (4-6, 2-6 Southeastern Conference) have to get two wins in the next two games to get to their first bowl game since 2010. That means a victory over Charlotte and then against Louisville on Nov. 28.

After his most significant snaps against Vanderbilt, Barker said he had faith that his team, which has now lost five straight games, could bounce back.

“I have 100 percent confidence in this team, that we can bounce back,” Barker said. “We’re really talented. We just haven’t put it all together yet in a full game. We have spurts were we look really good, but we haven’t put it together in a full game. I have 100 percent faith in this team.”