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Hurt Boom Williams able to get through full practice

A few days after he dislocated his right elbow near the goal line against Tennessee, Boom Williams finally gathered up the courage to look at the photo of his elbow going every way but the right way.

“I was able to look at it all of five seconds, and I couldn’t look at it anymore because it was pretty scary,” he said of the physical evidence of what occurred. “It’s been one of the toughest injuries I’ve had. I’m just truly blessed that it didn’t cost me long term.”

There were several sleepless nights after that Saturday where he had serious pain every time the sophomore running back moved his right arm.

"It was a very stressful process being able to not function, only having one arm," he continued.

But he’s been spending much of his free time in the training room and was able to get through his first full practice since the injury on Tuesday.

Williams is excited to play again on Saturday at Vanderbilt, where he will wear a supportive brace on that arm.

“It’s just something I have to adjust to, something that I have to get used to,” he said of the apparatus. “Something I have to play with. I’ll be practicing with it all week and get me ready to carry the ball on Saturday.”

Missing a chance to play against Georgia, a team he was committed to briefly and a team he grew up watching, was difficult last weekend, he said.

“They didn’t think I was quite ready for the game and I didn’t think I was ready myself, so they held me back, gave me some extra time to recover and so I’m able to play this week,” said Williams, who has 85 runs for 563 yards and three touchdowns this season.