Jen Smith on UK Football

UK plans to add two new staff positions

Kentucky already added one new staff position this offseason, but it plans to hire two more in the coming days, a team spokesman confirmed on Friday.

The quality control assistant jobs posted to the UK board recently. One closed on Friday and the other closes on Thursday. The two newly created positions will help with defense and special teams.

The quality control for the offense position was filled earlier this month by former Iowa State wide receivers coach Tommy Mangino.

The three new positions, which already exist for most Power Five conference teams and NFL teams, are not part of the core assistant coaching staff of nine, but they work closely with the coordinators.

Kentucky has been bit behind the times previously with similar support staff positions, for instance national champion Alabama has eight “analyst” type positions and when Gus Malzahn was hired at Auburn, he created six similar jobs on the Tigers’ staff.

They’re invaluable, UK co-offensive coordinator Darin Hinshaw said recently. He and Gus Malzahnn had a quality control analyst on their previous staff at Cincinnati.

“They do a lot of technical things that help make the whole spaceship go,” Hinshaw explained. “Without those guys, a lot of the things we try to get done fast can’t get done because they’re behind the scenes getting things done for us.”

The offensive quality control assistant helps put together plays and scripts and works ahead of the coordinators to game plan for the next opponents.

“They’re putting together things that speeds the process up, which helps us be able to practice more efficient to be able to communicate more efficiently,” HInshaw continued.

“Back in the day, what we could do with technology and all of the different video equipment that we have, computer programs we have, we can speed up our process so much. And if you have enough people who can input and do the things correctly, it gets you in position obviously where you can have an advantage over opponents.”