Jen Smith on UK Football

How Young’s practice presence could pay off for offensive tackle, Kentucky

The beaches of Florida have been dotted with Lexington high school kids on spring break all week.

But one specific high school kid decided instead to get up early several days this week and go to Kentucky football practice: Five-star offensive tackle Landon Young from Lafayette.

“That says a lot about him,” offensive line coach John Schlarman said of the UK signee being actively engaged before his freshman season even begins. “He comes over here. He’ll come into meetings or he’ll be out on the field. He takes time out of his schedule to come over here and start working.”

It could be a big boost for Young come summer, when he officially starts working with his new Kentucky teammates.

“It’s very beneficial,” Schlarman said of the 6-foot-7, 300-pound lineman. “He’s starting to learn some of the terminology. He can come up to me and now when he hears us make a call out there, he kind of has an idea of what’s going on. That’s huge.”

Having Young around at some practices, including the open practice with fans and some big-name recruits last weekend at Commonwealth Stadium was huge, too.

The lineman was hard to miss in the middle of warmups, joking with Mark Stoops as future teammates warmed up around him.

“Got big Landon out there; he’s a big five-star guy,” recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow said of Young’s presence. “It’s different now. Our team, we look like an SEC team, and when these parents see that, they think, ‘I want my kid to be a part of this.’”