Jen Smith on UK Football

Kentucky football: QB percentages, offensive line switcheroo and potential installation complications

▪  Five-card draw: There has been some serious conversation this offseason about developing depth at the offensive tackle positions currently inhabited by Cole Mosier and Tate Leavitt (left) and Kyle Meadows and Mason Wolfe (right). True freshman Landon Young was mentioned as someone who is up and coming, but there’s also potential help coming from the interior part of the line. Just who could be on the move? George Asafo-Adjei, who played right tackle some last season and was moved inside in the spring, is an option, offensive line coach John Schlarman said Tuesday. Redshirt freshman Logan Stenberg is a possibility and played some tackle when he first arrived. There are some tackles that Schlarman has pondered shuffling inside, too, as well as moving tackles from one side to another. Making changes at camp is the only way to find out “that sometimes guys are more comfortable at certain spots. … It can only make us better as a unit.” The hope is to develop three or four tackles that UK feels good about, offensive coordinator Eddie Gran said.

▪  Lower the Boom: In Kentucky’s first day in pads, Gran said he didn’t see any hesitancy from running back Boom Williams, who was cleared to return last week after undergoing elbow surgery in the offseason. “He’s running the ball vertical. It’s got to be one cut and it’s got to be vertical,” Gran said of UK’s leading rusher last season. “We can’t go side to side, now. Not in this league. If he wants to play at the next (level), he better learn how to get vertical. That’s what he’s doing and he’s dropping pad, and I’m excited where he’s at right here.”

▪  Playing the percentages: Both Gran and quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw seem pleased with the accuracy of the top two quarterbacks Drew Barker and Stephen Johnson. “The last two days have been really good,” Gran said. “Getting up in that 70 percentile, 68, 69, 70. If you’re there, you’re doing well.” Percentages were slightly lower early in camp, but they’ve steadily improved. Stephen has been on target too. I’ve been happy with him too in terms of his percentage of target throws.”

▪  Install and more: Today was installation day No. 5 for those keeping score at home. So far the offense has handled the installation well, retaining much of what was done in the spring, but it sounds like it may get more complicated this week. UK has its first two-a-day on Wednesday and coaches are throwing extra items at them. “We’ve got another something that they have not done; they didn’t do it in the summer and they didn’t do it last spring,” Gran said. “This is stuff from study that we felt like we could do and we were going to try it. So we’ve got some stuff that we’re going to put in tomorrow that will be interesting to see how they handle it, because now you’re putting new stuff in.”

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