Jen Smith on UK Football

How has game day communication changed with new offensive bosses?

On game days, offensive coordinator Eddie Gran is on the field and Darin Hinshaw is in the coaches’ box. They’ve been working together this way for several years and think they have it down pat.

“He’s the field general and calling the plays and I’ll be up there telling him exactly what the defense is doing,” Hinshaw explained. “We have a game plan of what we think they’re going to do and there will be adjustments and we’ll have to make them fast. That’s the whole point.”

Gran called their relationship on game day “unbelievable.

“The way we communicate, it’s just been a really good relationship,” Gran said the day the duo were hired away from Cincinnati. “It was important that he come here and be apart of this.”

There are a certain number of scripted plays they run to start a game and then make adjustments based on what a defense gives them. Then they have a set number of scripted plays out of the halftime locker room.

“Darin and I will script the first two series to get, ‘Hey, how can we get our quarterback goin? What in the run game, (offensive line coach John) Schlarman, as we look at everything on the play sheet, what’s been successful?’ We’ll script probably two series.”

As for how the communication with quarterback Drew Barker goes, Hinshaw said he will speak with his quarterback after every series over the phone to discuss the previous series and the one coming up.

There isn’t a ton of latitude for Barker to change the play at the line of scrimmage, but he does have several options out of each call sent in, he explained: “We pretty much have a different thing I can do for pretty much a lot of different looks. It wouldn’t really be an audible. It’s more just built into the play.”