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Report: NCAA asks AAU coach about Labissiere’s guardian

Skal Labissiere
has not yet been cleared by the NCAA to play this season.
Skal Labissiere has not yet been cleared by the NCAA to play this season. Herald-Leader

The NCAA has asked questions about Kentucky freshman Skal Labissiere’s guardian, CBS Sports reported Tuesday.

An NCAA staffer asked former Memphis-based AAU coach Keith Easterwood about guardian Gerald Hamilton.

The staffer, assistant director of amateurism Jack Britton, asked about Hamilton’s reported interest in learning how to make money off high-profile basketball prospects.

In a story posted Tuesday, CBS reporter Gary Parrish quoted two questions Britton emailed to Easterwood:

"Has Mr. Hamilton ever texted you asking for your help in finding someone that could advance Mr. Hamilton a sum of money related to Skal Labissiere?"

"Did Mr. Hamilton ever inquire to you about how he could procure a ‘shoe’ deal for Skal Labissiere?"

In November 2014, Parrish wrote a story about Hamilton’s interest in a player’s money-making potential.

"One of the things he asked me was 'How can I make money off a basketball player?'" Parrish quoted Easterwood as saying in November.

Hamilton, who UK says is not available for comment, told last week that the NCAA had not yet made a decision on Labissiere’s eligibility.

UK has said it will not comment on any player’s eligibility until the season’s first game, which is Nov. 13.