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Davis will miss UK's Madness

Jeremiah Davis, a sophomore guard at Muncie (Ind.) Central High, will not attend Kentucky's Big Blue Madness, the player's father said Tuesday night.

A scheduling conflict caused the player to reluctantly decide to miss UK's Madness, his father, also named Jeremiah Davis, said. Muncie Central Coach Matt Fine had asked Davis to be among players going with him to a coaching clinic in Marion, Ind., on Saturday. The players will demonstrate the coach's x-and-o thoughts.

"He's kind of upset with it," the elder Davis said of missing UK's Madness on Friday night.

A family decision on how to divide its basketball time led to the conflict. The family decided to make AAU and family time the top priority in the summer, the elder Davis said. To be fair, the family decided to let the high school coach have the top priority during the school year.

When asked how missing UK's Madness might affect the ultimate decision on a college, the player's father said, "I don't think going or not going — how can I put this? — he's still young. He's still just a sophomore. He's got a couple more years to catch that Madness. ...

"Tell Kentucky fans we're sorry we're not able to make it this time. We'll try to plan better next year."