UK Recruiting

Notes: Stokes catches UK's eye in blog

AKRON, Ohio — Jarnell Stokes, a top-10 prospect in the class of 2012, can be the poster player for how Kentucky recruiting is up to date when it comes to social media.

A blog stoked UK's interest in the 6-foot-9 forward.

In a blog three weeks ago, Stokes mentioned Kentucky among six schools of interest. The next day, UK assistant coach Orlando Antigua called.

"People told me they'd call," Stokes said. "But, Kentucky, those guys don't call a lot of people."

Stokes, who said he draws comparisons to Karl Malone, found Kentucky appealing because of how UK wins and how Coach John Calipari develops NBA Draft picks.

The other five schools Stokes mentioned in the blog were Memphis, Connecticut, Tennessee, Florida and Arkansas.

The other five schools had been recruiting him the hardest, Stokes said. Thanks to the blog, Kentucky appears to have moved into an enviable position.

"I really like them," Stokes said. "They put guys in the pros at all positions. I like that."

Ledo looking for right fit

Ricardo Ledo, a top-10 prospect in the class of 2012, is unsure of how his recruitment will unfold. But he hopes one option is a must: a visit to Kentucky.

"I'm going to visit Kentucky for sure," Ledo said Thursday at the LeBron James Skills Academy. "Other than that, I'm not sure."

Ledo, a 6-7 wing from Providence, R.I., listed such college options as Connecticut, Providence, Texas, Syracuse, Arizona and Florida as well as UK.

"I'm in no rush," he said. "If I feel a school fits me, that's where I'll go."

All going swimmingly

You could say DaJuan Coleman's basketball development is going swimmingly.

Intent on improving his conditioning and therefore his recruiting profile, Coleman has taken up swimming. His hourlong workouts in the pool have helped him reshape his body. Off went 20 pounds of, uh, weight. On went 10 pounds of muscle.

Speaking at the LeBron James Skills Academy on Thursday, Coleman said his brother had advised him to make swimming a big part of his workout for two years. Only in the last year did he start swimming regularly.

To explain why he hesitated, Coleman cited his hometown of Syracuse, N.Y.

"It's not hot all the time," he said. "It's cold in the winter. I don't feel like getting wet."

The name Coleman and the hometown of Syracuse evokes thoughts of former Syracuse star Derrick Coleman. But they're not related.

The younger Coleman, a 6-9 forward and rated No. 18 nationally by Rivals, said his college choices were Kentucky, Syracuse, Ohio State and North Carolina.

7-footer to Cal: Call me

Seven-footer Willie Cauley does not list Kentucky among his college choices. But he'd like to.

"I want to visit there," he said. "For sure. That's a great campus to visit. If they give me a chance, I'd like to visit."

So far, UK has not had much communication with Cauley, a player from Overland Park, Kan., whose height is listed at 7-11/4.

"They send me messages over Facebook every once in a while," Cauley said.

Cauley, whom Rivals rates at No. 41, lists Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma State, Kansas State and "probably New Mexico" as his top choices.

When asked why he'd like to visit Kentucky, Cauley said, "It's just history, a lot of history there. You always see them on TV. It feels like 'history-ness.' "