Men's Basketball

Georgetown's Moses Mid-South freshman of year

Henry Clay High School graduate Victor Moses of Georgetown College was named Mid-South Conference men's basketball Freshman of the Year during the league's banquet Thursday night.

Georgetown teammates David Graham and Demetrius Guoins joined Moses on the all-league team, and Happy Osborne was named Mid-South Co-Coach of the Year. Georgetown's Jerry Turner earned honorable mention.

Moses led the conference in field-goal percentage (70.2) and finished eighth in scoring (13.9) and fifth in rebounding (6.3).

Osborne led the Tigers (26-3, 10-2) to the MSC regular-season title.

Luke Fitzgerald of Cumberlands was named the league's Player of the Year.

Lindsey Wilson's Viktoria Krell was named women's Player of the Year.

Jayme Gilbert of Georgetown made the all-conference team, and teammate Katie Filiatreau was named the Champions of Character recipient.

The Mid-South Conference Tournament was to begin Friday in Frankfort.




Player of the Year: Luke Fitzgerald, Cumberlands

Freshman of the Year: Vic Moses, Georgetown

Champions of Character: Hristo Petkov, Campbellsville

Co-Coaches of the Year: Happy Osborne, Georgetown; Bob Williams, West Virginia Tech


Zach Allender, Campbellsville; Luke Fitzgerald Cumberlands; Josh Phillips, Cumberlands; Chad Byron, Cumberlands; David Graham, Georgetown; Demetrius Guions, Georgetown; Vic Moses, Georgetown; Eric McPherson, Lindsey Wilson; Joshua Samarco, Pikeville; Arthur Lathum, St. Catharine; Sam Robertson, West Virginia Tech.


Aaron Wyatt, Campbellsville; Terrance Asmond, Cumberlands; Jerry Turner, Georgetown; Justin Hicks, Pikeville; J.B. Smiley, Pikeville; Victor McGee, West Virginia Tech; Darryl Slack, West Virginia Tech.

Academic All-Conference

Hristo Petkov, Campbellsville; Jordon Benock, Campbellsville; Adam Whelam, Campbellsville; Chad Byron, Cumberlands; Nathaniel Mitchell, Cumberlands; Doug Waldon, Cumberlands; Matthew Daniel, Cumberlands; Rodney Jones, Cumberlands; Zach Berry, Georgetown; Brian Staed, Georgetown; Bret Saxton, Georgetown; Kyle Saxton, Georgetown; and Jon Elrod, Georgetown; Ismar Neto, Lindsey Wilson; Adam Simmons, Pikeville; J.B. Smiley Jr., Pikeville; Zach Thomsen, West Virginia Tech.



Player of the Year: Viktoria Krell, Lindsey Wilson

Freshman of the Year: Lauren Wombles, Cumberlands

Champions of Character: Katie Filiatreau, Georgetown

Coach of the Year: Ginger Colvin, Campbellsville


Whitney Ballinger, Campbellsville; Courtney Danis, Campbellsville; Madison Flowers, Cumberlands; Amber Neace, Cumberlands; Lauren Wombles, Cumberlands; Jayme Gilbert, Georgetown; Viktoria Krell, Lindsey Wilson; Sierra Rambert, Lindsey Wilson; Natiera Hinton, Pikeville; Erin Rogers, St. Catharine.


Kristi Ensminger, Campbellsville; Melly Heaton, Campbellsville; Johnna Abney, Cumberlands; Whitney Compton, Pikeville; Courtney Milam, St. Catharine; Ashley Blaney, West Virginia Tech.

Academic All-Conference

Campbellsville's Whitney Ballinger, Campbellsville; Courtney Danis, Campbellsville; Kristi Ensminger, Campbellsville; Juliana Brown, Campbellsville; Millie Deason, Campbellsville; T.J. Thomas, Campbellsville; Amber Neace, Cumberlands; Hannah Jefferson, Cumberlands; Sonia Thompson, Cumberlands; Katie Filiatreau, Georgetown; Ashley Bell, Georgetown; Emily Drees, Georgetown; Kristi Apple, Lindsey Wilson; Sabrina Manning, Lindsey Wilson; Erin Rogers, St. Catharine; Taylor Oliver, St. Catharine; Whitney Jordan, St. Catharine.