Scholl takes out Akin

Lauren Scholl knocked off one of the co-medalists to make it two in a row over Central Hardin stars Wednesday in the second round of match play at the Women's State Amateur golf tournament.

Scholl, the 2004 State Am winner as an 18-year-old, took out Kentucky signee Karisa Akin 3 and 1 one day after beating Morgan Cross. Both Akin and Cross frequently played the Elizabethtown Country Club course during their Central Hardin careers.

Scholl will play University of Louisville golfer Laura Anderson, the 2006 Kentucky Open champion, in a quarterfinal match Thursday. Anderson beat Kim Hartlage 3 and 2 in the second round.

The other co-medalist, Ashlee Rose, needed only 13 holes for the second straight day, beating Jessica Cornelius 6 and 5. Rose trounced Abby Smith 7 and 5 in Tuesday's first round. The former West Jessamine star and UK signee will play Krista Burton in the quarterfinals.

Kentucky State Amateur

At Elizabethtown C.C.

Championship flight

Upper bracket

Jessica Grace def. Jessica Smith 2 up; Beverly Games def. Lyndsey Bevill 3 and 2; Lydia Gumm def. Krissy Martin 3 and 2; Joan Rizer def. Megan McKinney 6 and 5.

Thursday's tee times

8:28 a.m.—Jessica Grace vs. Bevery Games; 8:35—Lydia Gumm vs. Joan Rizer.

Lower bracket

Lauren Scholl def. Karisa Akin 3 and 1; Laura Anderson def. Kim Hartlage 1 up; Ashlee Rose def. Jessica Cornelius 6 and 5; Krista Burton def. Laura McGehee 3 and 2.

Thursday's tee times

8:42 a.m.—Lauren Scholl vs. Laura Anderson; 8:49—Ashlee Rose vs. Krista Burton.

Upper consolation

Bethany Yates def. April Butler 8 and 7; Danielle Kom def. Tonya Puckett 3 and 2; Cindy Summers def. Caitlyn Wilkerson 2 and 1; April Emerson def. Marsha Bordas 1 up.

Thursday's tee times

8 a.m.—Bethany Yates vs. Danielle Kom; 8:07­—Cindy Summers vs. April Emerson.

Lower consolation

Morgan Cross def. McLane Farr 6 and 5; Courtney Wallace def. Emma Robinson 1 up; Abby Smith def. Whitney Miller 1 up; Sarah Colbert def. Erin O'Conner 3 and 2.

Thursday's tee times

8:14 a.m.—Morgan Cross vs. Courtney Wallace; 8:21—Abby Smith vs. Sarah Colbert.

First flight

Martha Tallent def. Anne Combs 2 and 1; Lindsay Gahm def. Joan Waldrop 6 and 5; Laurie Goodlet def. Paige Raine 4 and 2; Susan Loyd def. Sammi Smith 1 up.

Thursday's tee times

9:38 a.m.—Martha Tallent vs. Lindsay Gahm; 9:45—Laurie Goodlett vs. Susan Loyd.e_SClBFirst-flight consolation

Stephanie Watts def. Karen Puckett 3 and 2; Sloane Skinner def. Kylie Foushee 5 and 4; Jillian Brake def. Georgia Ansfield 3 and 2; Toni Davenport def. Nancy Ragland 4 and 2.

Thursday's tee times

9:24 a.m.—Stephanie Watts vs. Sloane Skinner; 9:31—Jililan Brake vs. Toni Davenport.

Second flight

Erin Marshall def. Carolyn Adcock 1 up; Kristen Kilgore def. Jean Vickers 1 up; Kaela Smith def. Pam Knight 2 up; Lauren Goodin def. Marissa Cianchetti 5 and 3.

Thursday's tee times

9:10 a.m.—Erin Marshall vs. Kristen Kilgore; 9:17—Kaela Smith vs. Lauren Goodin.

Second-flight consolation

Dennise Mudd def. Lisa Day 6 and 5; Diane Dawson def. Marie Barnes 4 and 2; Anette Nimmo def. Johnnie Baxter 1 up; Laura Beth Harris def. Judy Lyle 1 up.

Thursday's tee times

8:56 a.m.—Dennise Mudd vs. Diane Dawson; 9:03—Annette Nimmo vs. Laura Beth Harris.

Third flight

Marcia Gauding def. Melanie Simpson 1 up; Christiana Dages def. Teena Freibert 2 and 1; Ashleigh Howerton def. Kristin Lottman 5 and 4; Tina Marshall def. Chris Franklin 3 and 2.

Thursday's tee times

10:06 a.m.—Marcia Gauding vs. Christian Dages; 10:13—Ashleigh Howerton vs. Tina Marshall.

Third-flight consolation

Betty Williamson def. Robin Brockman 3 and 2; Leta Taylor def. Thelma King 3 and 1; Kristie Wilson def. Marilyn Maffett 2 and 1; Margaret Whittet def. Danielle Lickert 1 up.

Thursday's tee times

9:52 a.m.—Betty Williamson vs. Leta Tayor; 9:59—Kristie Wilson vs. Margaret Whittet

Fourth flight

Linda Neikirk def. Melba Kindervater 4 and 3; Julia Brown def. Kim McDonald 3 and 2; Carol Ferguson def. Nancy Lambert 3 and 1; Lili Riddle def. Pam Pollack 6 and 5.

Thursday's tee times

10:34 a.m.—Linda Neikirk vs. Julia Brown; 10:41—Carol Ferguson vs. Lili Riddle.

Fourth-flight consolation

Treva Montgomery def. Connie Edelen 1 up; Tammy Pryor def. Julie Brazell 7 and 5; Barbara Hambly def. Mary Beth Warner 9 and 8; Terry Tracy def. Anne Pace 1 up.

Thursday's tee times

10:20 a.m.—Treva Montgomery vs. Tammy Pryor; 10:27—Barbara Hambly vs. Terry Tracy.