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Tates Creek softball soundtrack includes ‘The Lion King’ and country twang

Tates Creek senior makes shocking movie revelation

Tates Creek softball players Kendall Fields and Breeann Whitson spoke with the Herald-Leader on Saturday, May 13, 2017.
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Tates Creek softball players Kendall Fields and Breeann Whitson spoke with the Herald-Leader on Saturday, May 13, 2017.

This is the sixth in a series of question-and-answer sessions with Lexington softball players. Tates Creek seniors Kendall Fields and Breeann Whitson spoke with the Herald-Leader this week.

What would you say about how the season has played out for you all?

KF: We started out slow. I was hurt and we had another senior out (Mira Monk). But we’re finally rolling at the right time and we’re a really good team. We just have to stay up and keep errors to a minimum

BW: As long as we can keep everybody healthy, I don’t think there’s anybody that can stop us.

Mira Monk’s mother died in the spring. She missed part of the season but is back with the team.

How have you all played through that tragedy?

KF: It was really hard but it definitely brought us closer. Me and Mira are closer than we’ve ever been. It just rallied the team all together. It was terrible but we’re rolling through it.

BW: We are sisters, so we just tried to be there for her as much as we could in softball and outside of softball. Anything she needed, we were there for her.

What were you dealing with injury-wise, Kendall? What did you do to rehab?

KF: I had a strained hamstring. I did PT every day and worked with Laurie (team trainer) and I was on rest for two weeks. I couldn’t do anything but I finally got back.

I like your walkup music, Kendall (it’s “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King”).

KF: (laughing) Yeah, I’ve had it since freshman year. I think I went to a UK softball game and somebody had it and I just had to have it. So I’ve had it for four years now.

Are you a Lion King fan?

KF: I’ve actually never seen “Lion King.”


KF: Yup, I just like the song (laughing). It sounds cool.

That’s amazing. Do you like Disney movies?

KF: No I hate Disney movies. (laughing)

What about your music, Bre?

BW: Mine changes every year. As long as it’s country I’m happy.

What are your expectations for the team going down the stretch?

KF: Definitely district champs and I’d like to make it far in region. I think we definitely can do that.

How tough is it to play in a region where Scott County and Woodford County have been so dominant lately?

BW: It’s definitely tough but we’ve stuck together for a long time. We have six starting seniors so every year we just get bigger, better and stronger. I think we’ll pull through this year.

KF: Yeah, it’s hard, but you just gotta play one game at a time and one pitch at a time, and we think we can do that.

What’s some of the stuff you guys do for fun away from softball?

KF: We like to fish and we like to visit the Humane Society.

BW: We go to haunted houses, anything we can get into.

KF: Also, I’ve been trying to start Crocs but it’s slow. One at a time.

BW: Bring Crocs back. Wear Crocs on game day.

Some of Lafayette’s girls talked about Crocs a few weeks ago. What’s the deal?

KF: I saw that! I brought it back here because I had a bet with my friend that if she got 200 retweets I’d wear ’em to prom. So I got some and I wore ’em to prom. One person at a time keeps buying them on the team and we’re wearing them on game days.

How did Crocs go over at prom?

KF: It was nice. I’m glad I made that decision. It was comfy.

Bre’s face is painted black.

Are you always painted up, Bre?

BW: Oh yeah, definitely. Me and one of the other starters, we cake it on every game. War paint, you gotta have it every game. It’s just what happens, like the Crocs.

Are you all playing college softball?

KF: I’m going to Ball State. I’m gonna be a utility player.

BW: I’m going to Walters State. It’s a juco in Morristown, Tennessee. Same, I’m gonna be utility.

Last thing, Kendall: Your uncle is former Herald-Leader sportswriter Mike Fields. What’s it like growing up around a local celebrity?

KF: It’s cool. All my teachers are always like, ‘Hey, Mike Fields!’ They always think I’m his daughter but I just tell ’em he’s my uncle, it’s cool.

Did he ever interview you?

KF: No, he’s never interviewed me. He never wrote a story about me. (laughing).

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